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Version 7.0.82, Sep 29 2017
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Tomcat 7.0.82 (violetagg)
fix 61210: When running under a SecurityManager, do not print a warning about not being able to read a logging configuration file when that file does not exist. (markt)
add 61280: Add RFC 7617 support to the BasicAuthenticator. Note that the default configuration does not change the existing behaviour. (markt)
fix 61452: Fix a copy paste error that caused an UnsupportedEncodingException when using WebDAV. (markt)
fix Correct regression in 7.0.80 that broke the use of relative paths with the extraResourcePaths attribute of a VirtualDirContext. (markt)
add 61489: When using the CGI servlet, make the generation of command line arguments from the query string (as per section 4.4 of RFC 3875) optional. The feature is enabled by default for consistency with previous releases. Based on a patch by jm009. (markt)
fix Correct a regression in 7.0.80 and 7.0.81 that wrapped the DirContext that represented the web application in a ProxyDirContext twice rather than just once. (markt)
fix 61542: Fix CVE-2017-12617 and prevent JSPs from being uploaded via a specially crafted request when HTTP PUT was enabled. (markt)
fix Use the correct path when loading the JVM file for Java 9. (rjung)
fix 61554: Exclude test files in unusual encodings and markdown files intended for display in GitHub from RAT analysis. Patch provided by Chris Thistlethwaite. (markt)
fix 48655: Enable Tomcat to shutdown cleanly when using sendfile, the APR/native connector and a multi-part download is in progress. (markt)
fix 58244: Handle the case when OpenSSL resumes a TLS session using a ticket and the full client certificate chain is not available. In this case the client certificate without the chain will be presented to the application. (markt)
fix Fix random SocketTimeoutExceptions when reading the request InputStream. Based on a patch by Peter Major. (markt)
fix 60900: Avoid a NullPointerException in the APR Poller if a connection is closed at the same time as new data arrives on that connection. (markt)
add Add an option to reject requests that contain HTTP headers with invalid (non-token) header names with a 400 response. (markt)
fix 61491: When using the permessage-deflate extension, correctly handle the sending of empty messages after non-empty messages to avoid the IllegalArgumentException. (markt)
fix To avoid unexpected session timeout notification from backup session, update the access time when receiving the map member notification message. (kfujino)
fix Add member info to the log message when the failure detection check fails in TcpFailureDetector. (kfujino)
fix Avoid Ping timeout until the added map member by receiving MSG_START message is completely started. (kfujino)
fix When sending a channel message, make sure that the Sender has connected. (kfujino)
fix Correct the backup node selection logic that node 0 is returned twice consecutively. (kfujino)
fix Fix race condition of responseMap in RpcChannel. (kfujino)
fix 61391: Ensure that failed queries are logged if the SlowQueryReport interceptor is configured to do so and the connection has been abandoned. Patch provided by Craig Webb. (markt)
fix 61425: Ensure that transaction of idle connection has terminated when the testWhileIdle is set to true and defaultAutoCommit is set to false. Patch provided by WangZheng. (kfujino)
fix 61545: Correctly handle invocations of methods defined in the PooledConnection interface when using pooled XA connections. Patch provided by Nils Winkler. (markt)
fix 61439: Remove the Java Annotation API classes from tomcat-embed-core.jar and package them in a separate JAR in the embedded distribution to provide end users with greater flexibility to handle potential conflicts with the JRE and/or other JARs. (markt)
fix 61441: Improve the detection of JAVA_HOME by the script when running on a platform where Java has been installed from an RPM. (rjung)
update Update the packaged version of the Tomcat Native Library to 1.2.14 to pick up the latest Windows binaries built with APR 1.6.2 and OpenSSL 1.0.2l. (markt)
fix Update fix for 59904 so that values less than zero are accepted instead of throwing a NegativeArraySizeException. (remm)
fix 61563: Correct typos in Spanish translation. Patch provided by Gonzalo Vásquez. (csutherl)
Tomcat 7.0.81 (violetagg)released 2017-08-16
fix Correct regression in 7.0.80 that broke WebDAV. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.80 (violetagg)not released
fix 56785: Avoid NullPointerException if directory exists on the class path that is not readable by the Tomcat user. (markt)
fix Additional permission for deleting files is granted to JULI as it is required by FileHandler when running under a Security Manager. The thread that cleans the log files is marked as daemon thread. (violetagg)
fix 61229: Correct a regression in 7.0.78 that broke WebDAV handling for resources with names that included a & character. (markt)
add If the Content-Language HTTP header is set directly, attempt to determine the Locale from the header value and call ServletResponse.setLocale() with the derived Locale. (markt)
fix 61232: When log rotation is disabled only one separator will be used when generating the log file name. For example if the prefix is catalina. and the suffix is .log then the log file name will be catalina.log instead of catalina..log. Patch provided by Katya Stoycheva. (violetagg)
fix 61253: Add warn message when Digester.updateAttributes throws an exception instead of ignoring it. (csutherl)
fix 61313: Make the read timeout configurable in the JNDIRealm and ensure that a read timeout will result in an attempt to fail over to the alternateURL. Based on patches by Peter Maloney and Felix Schumacher. (markt)
fix 61086: Ensure to explicitly signal an empty request body for HTTP 205 responses. Additional fix to r1795278. Based on a patch provided by Alexandr Saperov. (violetagg)
fix 61322: Correct two regressions caused by the fix for 60319 when using BIO with an external Executor. Firstly, use the maxThreads setting from the Executor as the default for maxConnections if none is specified. Secondly, use maxThreads from the Executor when calculating the point at which to disable keep-alive. (markt)
add Add additional logging to record problems that occur while waiting for the NIO pollers to stop during the Connector stop process. (markt)
fix Prevent exceptions being thrown during normal shutdown of NIO connections. This enables TLS connections to close cleanly. (markt)
add 53031: Add support for the fork option when compiling JSPs with the Jasper Ant task and javac. (markt)
add 57767: Add support to the WebSocket client for following redirects when attempting to establish a WebSocket connection. Patch provided by J Fernandez. (markt)
add 52791: Add the ability to set the defaults used by the Windows installer from a configuration file. Patch provided by Sandra Madden. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.79 (violetagg)released 2017-07-01
fix 61101: CORS filter should set Vary header in response. Submitted by Rick Riemer. (remm)
add 61105: Add a new JULI FileHandler configuration for specifying the maximum number of days to keep the log files. (violetagg)
fix Improve the SSLValve so it is able to handle client certificate headers from Nginx. Based on a patch by Lucas Ventura Carro. (markt)
fix 61154: Allow the Manager and Host Manager web applications to start by default when running under a security manager. This was accomplished by adding a custom permission,, that permits an application to use a META-INF/context.xml file and then granting that permission to the Manager and Host Manager. (markt)
fix 61173: Polish the javadoc for o.a.catalina.startup.Tomcat. Patch provided by peterhansson_se. (violetagg)
add A new configuration property crawlerIps is added to the o.a.catalina.valves.CrawlerSessionManagerValve. Using this property one can specify a regular expression that will be used to identify crawlers based on their IP address. Based on a patch provided by Tetradeus. (violetagg)
fix 61180: Log a warning message rather than an information message if it takes more than 100ms to initialised a SecureRandom instance for a web application to use to generate session identifiers. Patch provided by Piotr Chlebda. (markt)
fix 61185: When an asynchronous request is dispatched via AsyncContext.dispatch() ensure that getRequestURI() for the dispatched request matches that of the original request. (markt)
fix 61201: Ensure that the SCRIPT_NAME environment variable for CGI executables is populated in a consistent way regardless of how the CGI servlet is mapped to a request. (markt)
fix 61215: Correctly define addConnectorPort and invalidAuthenticationWhenDeny in the mbean-descriptors.xml file for the org.apache.catalina.valves package so that the attributes are accessible via JMX. (markt)
fix 61086: Explicitly signal an empty request body for HTTP 205 responses. (markt)
fix Revert a change introduced in the fix for bug 60718 that changed the status code recorded in the access log when the client dropped the connection from 200 to 500. (markt)
fix Make asynchronous error handling more robust. In particular ensure that onError() is called for any registered AsyncListeners after an I/O error on a non-container thread. (markt)
fix 44787: Improve error message when JSP compiler configuration options are not valid. (markt)
fix Correct the log message when a MessageHandler for PongMessage does not implement MessageHandler.Whole. (rjung)
fix Improve thread-safety of Futures used to report the result of sending WebSocket messages. (markt)
fix 61183: Correct a regression in the previous fix for 58624 that could trigger a deadlock depending on the locking strategy employed by the client code. (markt)
Web applications
fix Better document the meaning of the trimSpaces option for Jasper. (markt)
fix 61150: Configure the Manager and Host-Manager web applications to permit serialization and deserialization of CRSFPreventionFilter related session objects to avoid warning messages and/or stack traces on web application stop and/or start when running under a security manager. (markt)
add Add JMX support for Tribes components. (kfujino)
add 45832: Add HTTP DIGEST authentication support to the Catalina Ant tasks used to communicate with the Manager application. (markt)
fix 45879: Add the RELEASE-NOTES file to the root of the installation created by the Tomcat installer for Windows to make it easier for users to identify the installed Tomcat version. (markt)
fix 61076: Document the altDDName attribute for the Context element. (markt)
fix 61145: Add missing @Documented annotation to annotations in the annotations API. Patch provided by Katya Todorova. (markt)
fix 61146: Add missing lookup() method to @EJB annotation in the annotations API. Patch provided by Katya Todorova. (markt)
fix Correct typo in Context Container Configuration Reference. Patch provided by Katya Todorova. (violetagg)
Tomcat 7.0.78 (violetagg)released 2017-05-16
add Allow to exclude JUnit test classes using the build property test.exclude and document the property in BUILDING.txt. (rjung)
fix Review those places where Tomcat re-encodes a URI or URI component and ensure that that correct encoding (path differs from query string) is applied and that the encoding is applied consistently. (markt)
fix Use a more reliable mechanism for the DefaultServlet when determining if the current request is for custom error page or not. (markt)
fix Ensure that when the Default or WebDAV servlets process an error dispatch that the error resource is processed via the doGet() method irrespective of the method used for the original request that triggered the error. (markt)
fix If a static custom error page is specified that does not exist or cannot be read, ensure that the intended error status is returned rather than a 404. (markt)
fix When the WebDAV servlet is configured and an error dispatch is made to a custom error page located below WEB-INF, ensure that the target error page is displayed rather than a 404 response. (markt)
add 61047: Add MIME mapping for woff2 fonts in the default web.xml. Patch provided by Justin Williamson. (violetagg)
fix Correct the logic that selects the encoding to use to decode the query string in the SSIServletExternalResolver so that the useBodyEncodingForURI attribute of the Connector is correctly taken into account. (markt)
fix 61072: Respect the documentation statements that allow using the platform default secure random for session id generation. (remm)
fix Correct the javadoc for o.a.c.connector.CoyoteAdapter#parseSessionCookiesId. Patch provided by John Andrew (XUZHOUWANG) via Github. (violetagg)
fix 60925: Improve the handling of access to properties defined by interfaces when a BeanELResolver is used under a SecurityManager. (markt)
fix 61003: Ensure the flags for reading/writing in o.a.t.websocket.AsyncChannelWrapperSecure are correctly reset even if some exceptions occurred during processing. (markt/violetagg)
Web applications
add Document the property test.excludePerformance in BUILDING.txt. (rjung)
add Add documents for maxIdleTime attribute to Channel Receiver docs. (kfujino)
code Refactor the creating a constructor for a proxy class to reduce duplicate code. (kfujino)
fix In StatementFacade, the method call on the statements that have been closed throw SQLException rather than NullPointerException. (kfujino)
fix Correct comments about Java 8 in Jre8Compat. Patch provided by fibbers via Github. (violetagg)
fix 60932: Correctly escape single quotes when used in i18n messages. Based on a patch by Michael Osipov. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.77 (violetagg)released 2017-04-02
add 54618: Add support to the HttpHeaderSecurityFilter for the HSTS preload parameter. (markt)
fix 60911: Ensure NPE will not be thrown when looking for SSL session ID. Based on a patch by Didier Gutacker. (violetagg)
fix When using the NIO2 connector, ensure a WebSocket close frame is processed before the end of stream is processed to ensure that the end of stream is processed correctly. (markt)
fix 60852: Correctly spell compressible when used in configuration attributes and internal code. Based on a patch by Michael Osipov. (markt)
fix Improve sendfile handling when requests are pipelined. (markt)
fix Improve the error handling for simple tags to ensure that the tag is released and destroyed once used. (remm, violetagg)
fix 60844: Correctly handle the error when fewer parameter values than required by the method are used to invoke an EL method expression. Patch provided by Daniel Gray. (markt)
fix 60764: Implement equals() and hashCode() in the StatementFacade in order to enable these methods to be called on the closed statements if any statement proxy is set. This behavior can be changed with useStatementFacade attribute. (kfujino)
Tomcat 7.0.76 (markt)released 2017-03-16
code Make it easier for sub-classes of Tomcat to modify the default web.xml settings by over-riding getDefaultWebXmlListener(). Patch provided by Aaron Anderson. (markt)
fix Reduce the contention in the default InstanceManager implementation when multiple threads are managing objects and need to reference the annotation cache. (markt)
code 60674: Remove final marker from CorsFilter to enable sub-classing. (markt)
fix 60683: Security manager failure causing NPEs when doing IO on some JVMs. (csutherl)
fix 60688: Update the internal fork of Apache Commons BCEL to r1782855 to add early access Java 9 support to the annotation scanning code. (markt)
fix 60718: Improve error handling for asynchronous processing and correct a number of cases where the requestDestroyed() event was not being fired and an entry wasn't being made in the access logs. (markt)
fix 60808: Ensure that the Map returned by ServletRequest.getParameterMap() is fully immutable. Based on a patch provided by woosan. (markt)
fix 60824: Correctly cache the Subject in the session - if there is a session - when running under a SecurityManager. Patch provided by Jan Engehausen. (markt)
fix Ensure request and response facades are used when firing application listeners. (markt/remm)
fix When HTTP TRACE requests are disabled on the Connector, ensure that the HTTP OPTIONS response from the WebDAV servlet does not include TRACE in the returned Allow header. (markt)
fix Ensure that executor thread pools used with connectors pre-start the configured minimum number of idle threads. (markt)
add 60594: Allow some invalid characters that were recently restricted to be processed in requests by using the system property tomcat.util.http.parser.HttpParser.requestTargetAllow. (csutherl)
fix Refactor code generated for JSPs to reduce the size of the code required for tags. (markt)
add Make the accessTimeout configurable in ClusterSingleSignOn. The accessTimeout is used as a timeout period for PING in replication map. (kfujino)
fix 60806: To avoid ClassNotFoundException, make sure that the web application class loader is passed to ReplicatedContext. (kfujino)
fix 60617: Correctly create a CONNECT request when establishing a WebSocket connection via a proxy. Patch provided by Svetlin Zarev. (markt)
fix Ensure that NoRpcChannelReply messages are not received on RpcCallback. (kfujino)
fix 60722: Take account of the dispatchersUseEncodedPaths setting on the current Context when generating paths for dispatches triggered by AsyncContext.dispatch(). (markt)
fix 60620: Fix configuration of Eclipse projects, broken by introduction of SafeForkJoinWorkerThreadFactory helper class. This class cannot be built with Java 6. (kkolinko)
update Update the packaged version of the Tomcat Native Library to 1.2.12 to pick up the latest Windows binaries built with OpenSSL 1.0.2k. (violetagg)
add 60784: Update all unit tests that test the HTTP status line to check for the required space after the status code. Patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)
update Update the NSIS Installer used to build the Windows installer to version 3.01. (markt)
fix Refactor the build script and the NSIS installer script so that either NSIS 2.x or NSIS 3.x can be used to build the installer. This is primarily to re-enable building the installer on the Linux based CI system where the combination of NSIS 3.x and wine leads to failed installer builds. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.75 (violetagg)released 2017-01-24
add Make the accessTimeout configurable in BackupManager. The accessTimeout is used as a timeout period for PING in replication map. (kfujino)
Web applications
fix Ensure the ASF logo image is correctly displayed in docs and host-manager applications. (violetagg)
Tomcat 7.0.74 (violetagg)not released
add 53602: Add HTTP status code 451 (RFC 7725) to the list of HTTP status codes recognised by Tomcat. (markt)
fix Correctly handle the configClass attribute of a Host when embedding Tomcat. (markt)
fix 60379: Dispose of the GSS credential once it is no longer required. Patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)
fix 60380: Ensure that a call to HttpServletRequest#logout() triggers a call to TomcatPrincipal#logout(). Based on a patch by Michael Osipov. (markt)
fix 60387: Correct the javadoc for o.a.catalina.AccessLog.setRequestAttributesEnabled. The default value is different for the different implementations. (violetagg)
code 60393: Use consistent parameter naming in implementations of Realm#authenticate(GSSContext, boolean). (markt)
fix 60395: Log when an Authenticator passes an incomplete GSSContext to a Realm since it indicates a bug in the Authenticator. Patch provided by Michael Osipov. (markt)
update Update the warnings that reference required options for running on Java 9 to use the latest syntax for those options. (markt)
fix 60513: Fix thread safety issue with RMI cleanup code. (remm)
add 60620: Extend the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to provide protection against ForkJoinPool.commonPool() related memory leaks. (markt)
fix Ensure that the endpoint is able to unlock the acceptor thread during shutdown if the endpoint is configured to listen to any local address of a specific type such as or ::. (markt)
fix Ensure sendfile is enabled by default for APR. (markt)
fix Prevent read time out when the file is deleted while serving the response. The issue was observed only with APR Connector and sendfile enabled. (violetagg)
fix Improve the logic that selects an address to use to unlock the Acceptor to take account of platforms what do not listen on all local addresses when configured with an address of or ::. (markt)
fix 60409: When unable to complete sendfile request, ensure the Processor will be added to the cache only once. (markt/violetagg)
add 44294: Add support for varargs in UEL expressions. (markt)
fix 60356: Fix pre-compilation of JSPs that depend on nested tag files packaged in a JAR. (markt)
fix 60431: Improve handling of varargs in UEL expressions. Based on a patch by Ben Wolfe. (markt)
fix 60497: Restore previous tag reuse behavior following the use of try/finally. (remm)
fix Improve the error handling for simple tags to ensure that the tag is released and destroyed once used. (remm)
fix 60497: Follow up fix using a better variable name for the tag reuse flag. (remm)
fix Revert use of try/finally for simple tags. (remm)
Web applications
fix Correct a typo in Host Configuration Reference. Issue reported via (violetagg)
add In the documentation web application, be explicit that clustering requires a secure network for all of the cluster network traffic. (markt)
update Update the ASF logos to the new versions.
fix Reduce the warning logs for a message received from a different domain in order to avoid excessive log outputs. (kfujino)
add Add log message that PING message has received beyond the timeout period. (kfujino)
fix When a PING message that beyond the time-out period has been received, make sure that valid member is added to the map membership. (kfujino)
fix 60437: Avoid possible handshake overflows in the websocket client. (remm)
add 58816: Implement the statistics of jdbc-pool. The stats infos are borrowedCount, returnedCount, createdCount, releasedCount, reconnectedCount, releasedIdleCount and removeAbandonedCount. (kfujino)
fix 60194: If validationQuery is not specified, connection validation is done by calling the isValid() method. (kfujino)
fix 60398: Fix testcase of TestSlowQueryReport. (kfujino)
add Enable reset the statistics without restarting the pool. (kfujino)
fix 60366: Change catalina.bat to use directly LOGGING_MANAGER and LOGGING_CONFIG variables in order to configure logging, instead of modifying JAVA_OPTS. Patch provided by Petter Isberg. (violetagg)
add New property is added test.verbose in order to control whether the output of the tests is displayed on the console or not. Patch provided by Emmanuel Bourg. (violetagg)
update Update the ASF logos used in the Apache Tomcat installer for Windows to use the new versions.
fix Spelling corrections provided by Josh Soref. (violetagg)
Tomcat 7.0.73 (violetagg)released 2016-11-14
fix 60117: Ensure that the name of LogLevel is localized when using OneLineFormatter. Patch provided by Tatsuya Bessho. (kfujino)
add 60151: Improve the exception error messages when a ResourceLink fails to specify the type, specifies an unknown type or specifies the wrong type. (markt)
fix 60167: Ignore empty lines in /etc/passwd files when using the PasswdUserDatabase. (markt)
fix Improve the access checks for linked global resources to handle the case where the current class loader is a child of the web application class loader. (markt)
fix 60199: Log a warning if deserialization issues prevent a session attribute from being loaded. (markt)
fix Correctly test for control characters when reading the provided shutdown password. (markt)
fix When configuring the JMX remote listener, specify the allowed types for the credentials. (markt)
fix 60123: Avoid potential threading issues that could cause excessively large vales to be returned for the processing time of a current request. (markt)
fix 60174: Log instances of HeadersTooLargeException during request processing. (markt)
fix Correct the HTTP header parser so that DEL is not treated as a valid token character. (markt)
fix 60319: When using an Executor, disconnect it from the Connector attributes maxThreads, minSpareThreads and threadPriority to enable the configuration settings to be consistently reported. These Connector attributes will be reported as -1 when an Executor is in use. The values used by the executor may be set and obtained via the Executor. (markt)
fix If an I/O error occurs during async processing on a non-container thread, ensure that the onError() event is triggered. (markt)
fix Improve detection of I/O errors during async processing on non-container threads and trigger async error handling when they are detected. (markt)
add Add additional checks for valid characters to the HTTP request line parsing so invalid request lines are rejected sooner. (markt)
Web applications
add Add an example of using the classesToInitialize attribute of the JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener to the documentation web application. Based on a patch by Cris Berneburg. (markt)
fix 60192: Correct a typo in the status output of the Manager application. Patch provided by Radhakrishna Pemmasani. (markt)
fix Correct a typo in HTTP Connector How-To. Issue reported via (violetagg)
fix Fix default value of validationInterval attribute in jdbc-pool. (kfujino)
fix Correct a typo in CGI How-To. Issue reported via (violetagg)
fix 60344: Add a note to BUILDING.txt regarding using the source bundle with the correct line endings. (markt)
fix When the proxy node sends a backup retrieve message, ensure that using the channelSendOptions that has been set rather than the default channelSendOptions. (kfujino)
fix 60099: Ensure that use all method arguments as a cache key when using StatementCache. (kfujino)
fix 60139: Correct Javadocs for PoolConfiguration.getValidationInterval and setValidationInterval. Reported by Phillip Webb. (kfujino)
add Add documentation to the bin/catalina.bat script to remind users that environment variables don't affect the configuration of Tomcat when run as a Windows Service. Based upon a documentation patch by James H.H. Lampert. (schultz)
Tomcat 7.0.72 (violetagg)released 2016-09-19
fix Ensure Digester.useContextClassLoader is considered in case the class loader is used. (violetagg)
fix 60101: Remove preloading of the class that was deleted. (violetagg)
fix Notify jmx when returning the connection that has been marked suspect. (kfujino)
fix Ensure that the POOL_EMPTY notification has been added to the jmx notification types. (kfujino)
update Update the packaged version of the Tomcat Native Library to 1.2.10 to pick up the latest Windows binaries built with OpenSSL 1.0.2j. (markt)
Tomcat 7.0.71 (violetagg)not released
fix 57705: Add debug logging for requests denied by the remote host and remote address valves and filters. Based on a patch by Graham Leggett. (markt)
update Change the default of the sessionCookiePathUsesTrailingSlash attribute of the Context element to false since the problems caused when a Servlet is mapped to /* are more significant than the security risk of not enabling this option by default. (markt)
fix 59708: Modify the LockOutRealm logic. Valid authentication attempts during the lock out period will no longer reset the lock out timer to zero. (markt)
fix Improve error handling around user code prior to calling InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
fix Ensure that reading the singleThreadModel attribute of a StandardWrapper via JMX does not trigger initialisation of the associated servlet. With some frameworks this can trigger an unexpected initialisation thread and if initilisation is not thread-safe the initialisation can then fail. (markt)
fix By default, treat paths used to obtain a request dispatcher as encoded. This behaviour can be changed per web application via the dispatchersUseEncodedPaths attribute of the Context. (markt)
fix 59839: Apply roleSearchAsUser to all nested searches in JNDIRealm. (fschumacher)
add Provide a mechanism that enables the container to check if a component (typically a web application) has been granted a given permission when running under a SecurityManager without the current execution stack having to have passed through the component. Use this new mechanism to extend SecurityManager protection to the system property replacement feature of the digester. (markt)
add When retrieving an object via a ResourceLink, ensure that the object obtained is of the expected type. (markt)
fix 59866: When scanning WEB-INF/classes for annotations, don't scan the contents of WEB-INF/classes/META-INF (if present) since classes will never be loaded from that location. (markt)
fix 59912: Fix an edge case in input stream handling where an IOException could be thrown when reading a POST body. (markt)
fix 59966: Do not start the web application if the error page configuration in web.xml is invalid. (markt)
fix Switch the CGI servlet to the standard logging mechanism and remove support for the debug attribute. (markt)
add Add a new initialisation parameter, envHttpHeaders, to the CGI Servlet to mitigate httpoxy (CVE-2016-5388) by default and to provide a mechanism that can be used to mitigate any future, similar issues. (markt)
add When adding and removing ResourceLinks dynamically, ensure that the global resource is only visible via the ResourceLinkFactory when it is meant to be. (markt)
fix 60008: When processing CORs requests, treat any origin with a URI scheme of file as a valid origin. (markt)
fix Improve handling of exceptions during a Lifecycle events triggered by a state transition. The exception is now caught and the component is now placed into the FAILED state. (markt)
fix Fix a file descriptor leak when reading the global web.xml. (markt)
fix 60041: Better error message if a JAR is deleted while a web application is running. Note: Deleting a JAR while the application is running is not supported and errors are expected. Based on a patch by gehui. (markt)
fix Improve error handling around user code prior to calling InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
fix 59904: Add a limit (default 200) for the number of cookies allowed per request. Based on a patch by gehui. (markt)
fix Make timing attacks against the Realm implementations harder. (schultz)
add Refactor the code that implements the requirement that a call to complete() or dispatch() made from a non-container thread before the container initiated thread that called startAsync() completes must be delayed until the container initiated thread has completed. Rather than implementing this by blocking the non-container thread, extend the internal state machine to track this. This removes the possibility that blocking the non-container thread could trigger a deadlock. (markt)
fix Improve error handling around user code prior to calling InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
fix Improve the error handling for custom tags to ensure that the tag is returned to the pool or released and destroyed once used. (markt)
fix Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException. Based on a patch provided by wuwen via Github. (violetagg)
fix Improve error handling around user code prior to calling InstanceManager.destroy() to ensure that the method is executed. (markt)
fix 59868: Clarify the documentation for the Manager web application to make clearer that the host name and IP address in the server section are the primary host name and IP address. (markt)
fix 59908: Ensure that a reason phrase is included in the close message if a session is closed due to a timeout. (markt)
Web Applications
fix Do not log an additional case of IOExceptions in the error handler for the Drawboard WebSocket example when the root cause is the client disconnecting since the logs add no value. (markt)
fix 59642: Mention the localDataSource in the DataSourceRealm section of the Realm How-To. (markt)
fix Follow-up to the fix for 59399. Ensure that the new attribute transportGuaranteeRedirectStatus is documented for all Realms. Also document the NullRealm and when it is automatically created for an Engine. (markt)
fix MBeans Descriptors How-To is moved to mbeans-descriptors-howto.html. Patch provided by Radoslav Husar. (violetagg)
fix 60034: Correct a typo in the Manager How-To page of the documentation web application. (markt)
add Add log message when the ping has timed-out. (kfujino)
fix If the ping message has been received at the AbstractReplicatedMap#leftOver method, ensure that notify the member is alive than ignore it. (kfujino)
fix Fix the duplicated connection release when connection verification failed. (kfujino)
fix Ensure that do not remove the abandoned connection that has been already released. (kfujino)
fix In order to avoid the unintended skip of PoolCleaner, remove the check code of the execution interval in the task that has been scheduled. (kfujino)